First Friday: June 2020

First Friday: June 20205 min read

It is really starting to feel like summer in Superior – and to go along with that, the Town of Superior is opening our pools for the season! This and other topics were discussed in June’s First Friday coffee chat… keep reading to learn more.


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Yesterday morning, I hosted June’s Virtual First Friday along with Trustee Sandie Hammerly; we were joined by Mayor Pro Tem Mark Lacis and Trustee Kevin Ryan. As First Fridays are casual in nature, and we often break into simultaneous discussions of different topics on the two sides of the table, it’s tough for me to fully recap the discussion. However, I hope it is still useful for me to give a short rundown of the topics I heard, which can help provide a pulse of the town.

Topics discussed at June’s First Friday include:

  • Parq at Rock Creek Application: A resident had a number of questions about the proposed development application coming before the Board on Monday. However, we had to interrupt to stop him from asking questions on this topic. By Colorado law, for a pending development application, Town Board members are not allowed to discuss the application outside of the public hearing. This is to ensure that the applicant can hear all discussion and respond. As such, while I normally do my best to reply to all emails I receive, I have not responded to emails about this agenda item, because I am not permitted by law to comment.It is important to note that no decision on this application has yet been made. If you would like to voice your opinion, I would highly encourage you to email with your opinion and rationale. You may of course join our virtual meeting on Monday and speak up in public comment, but I would encourage the use of email instead – I believe it is much more efficient. It allows you to think about what you want to say and make all your points with no time limit, and allows me to thoroughly digest your points rather than trying to process in real time. If you email us by 12pm MT on Sunday, your comments will be read by the entire Town Board and will also be included in the public record.
  • Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport: Several residents asked about efforts to ease plane noise that has increased in the summer. Unfortunately, some of our efforts here were paused due to COVID19, but we are now starting to get back to business. In the next 1-3 month, our hired ABCx2 airport consultants will be working to develop a pilot outreach campaign aimed at increasing awareness and participation in the Airport’s expanded noise abatement program. Additionally, the RMMA Advisory Board has begun a visioning process from the airport; agendas and minutes from the Airport Advisory Board are linked here.
  • Pools: The Town of Superior North and South pools will be opening at limited capacity on Monday, June 8; new rules and regulations can be found here. You will need to create a digital pool membership, and make a reservation here in order to use the pools. As one member of the Board stated, we think these updated rules are a good start, but we will continue update these guidelines as we see how the situation progresses. Personally, I want to see us have a separate reservation system for lap swimming, since we are not allowing lap swimmers to share lanes. With only one lap lane at the South Pool, and two at the North pool, I think it will be problematic if multiple people sign up for a time slot intending to swim laps, but then arrive and can’t do so. We will see how it works out, and hopefully adjust accordingly!
  • Senior services: A resident asked if there were any plans for senior services in Superior. One of our goals for the new community facility at 1500 Coalton Road is to provide space for programming for seniors, and I personally am optimistic that by the time the facility opens next spring, we will also have a better handle on COVID19 in order to launch some in-person programming.
  • Fence color: At our last Board meeting, our Board decided to paint the ~40,000 feet of fencing due for repainting Cabot Dune Gray, a gray color that is specified in the Rock Creek HOA covenants that is actually different from the yellow color that is commonly painted around town. The Rock Creek HOA put out a full page Q&A on this topic here.
  • Fall election: A resident asked if any Board seats would be up for election this fall. Mayor Pro Tem Mark Lacis, Trustee Sandie Hammerly, and Trustee Kevin Ryan’s first terms are all ending in November; none of them are term-limited, so all may be up for re-election. However, neither the three current Board members nor any other residents have yet filed the full paperwork to run. The deadline to complete these applications is at the end of August, so we will have a better picture of the ballot later this summer.
  • Road maintenance: A resident says there are issues with major cracks in the roadways in South Rock Creek. We would encourage you to use the Superior Click and Fix tool to report issues like this to the town.

Hope to see you at next month’s First Friday! If you have thoughts on these or other topics, I would encourage you to attend our next virtual Board meeting on Monday June 8th and speak up in public comment, or email the full Board at

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