Town Board Meeting: September 9, 2019

Town Board Meeting: September 9, 20195 min read

Hi neighbors! In last Monday night’s Town Board Work Session and Meeting, we interviewed members for the Superior Youth Leadership Council and held a public hearing to consider an application to develop blocks 16-24 in the Superior Town Center. Ready to find out more on what happened? As usual, you may read this post in written form, or scroll to the bottom for a video recap.

Disclaimer: While I do my best to represent an honest and accurate portrayal of meetings and events, the following should be considered an editorial that represents one person’s interpretation of the meetings. At the request of my fellow Board members, I am keeping their points anonymous rather than trying to attribute my interpretation to them personally. For the most unbiased and complete information, I would encourage residents to watch the meeting video itself and draw their own conclusions – visit the town website at for the official meeting video and meeting minutes. Finally, I’d also encourage you to check out, which is a fantastic free tool created by one of our own residents. Engaged Citizens includes a repository of agendas, documents, and meeting videos, and allows you to search within a video to jump to critical parts. I hope you find it as helpful as I do!

Work Session

Monday’s Board Meeting kicked off with a brief working session to interview ten young residents who have applied to be on our Superior Youth Leadership Council (SYLC). During the session, we asked each applicant to tell us why they wanted to join the SYLC; one applicant’s response was, “Society has given so many things to me and I’d like to give back.” I loved this response, and agree wholeheartedly.

Item 2D – Board Reports

Speaking of giving back, during Board reports, I took advantage of my platform for a bit of a public service announcement. I was unable to attend the last Town Board Meeting, due to my annual commitment to volunteering for Experience Camps. Experience Camps is a nonprofit that provides free week-long sleepaway camps for children who have suffered the loss of a parent or sibling. This year, I was fortunate to spend a week in Michigan opening up a brand new camp, and it was a wonderful week. Although there is not yet a camp in Colorado, kids fly from all over the country to attend, so I wanted to ensure that Superior residents are aware of this program and can help me share it with other grieving families – you can visit to learn more.

Also on the topic of volunteering, Mayor Pro Tem Mark Lacis reported that Eldorado PK-8 is in dire need of volunteer crossing guards; if you are interested in learning more, you can email Jerry Malia at

Item 2E – Public Comment

During public comment, the Chair of our CAPS Committee reminded the community about the Superior Shindig event, which is coming up at Wildflower Park on Saturday September 21 from 4pm-6pm. The event will have line dancing, cowboy poetry, Bella Luna gelato, barbecue food, the Very Prairie Dog Popup, and an interactive art / kindness project with Love, Dani. You can find the official event page here.

Item 3 – Consent Agenda

Next, our Board unanimously passed the entire consent agenda – including approval of meeting minutes, appointment of Rachael Tittle to the CAPS Committee, appointment of all ten applicants interviewed earlier to the SYLC (St. John Tsuno-Wayne, Ronan Shah, Alex Messman, Tej Mathur, Jasmine Kemp, Levi Hoenninger, Nick Folsom, Michael Finnigan, Michael Conde, and Kendric Chen), and a proclamation for Constitution Week to commemorate the 232nd anniversary of the drafting of the United States Constitution.

Item 4 – FDP for Blocks 16-24, Superior Town Center

Now, for the topic that would consume the rest of the meeting – a public hearing for a final development plan (FDP) from Toll Brothers and RC Superior for blocks 16-24 in the Superior Town Center. Toll Brothers presented a plan to build 199 luxury townhomes and 101 2-story single-family cottages, along with associated streets and infrastructure for each block. Blocks 16-24 are in planning area 3 – the southernmost portion of downtown Superior. Here is a map of pending / approved development in the Town Center:


At Monday night’s Board Meeting, we reviewed the presentation from Toll Brothers (linked here), watched a simulated “fly over / fly through” the proposed development in 3D rendering, heard public comment from about a dozen residents, and began discussing connectivity between the Superior Town Center and Rock Creek. The proposed Toll Brothers blocks 16-24 could be accessed via Coal Creek Drive (connecting directly to Rock Creek) or via an extension of Promenade Drive (to 88th Street) – or both. From an engineering perspective, the Board heard at the meeting that the Coal Creek Drive connectivity option would reduce the risk of issues with utilities, but costs for the different options have not yet been fully determined – I asked for more details in our next meeting, since we tabled the application until then.

As this development application remains pending, I cannot comment on the application outside of public hearing, or consider any comments made outside of the public hearing; however, you may read the Colorado Hometown Weekly’s article on the meeting here. I would also encourage you to attend our next Board Meeting on Monday September 23rd and share your thoughts during public comment. If you are unable to attend, you may email your comments to, copying to have your comments included as part of the official public hearing.

Wrap Up

Thank you so much for taking the time to read / listen to this recap – I hope it is helpful! Our Board is always open to hearing your comments, questions, and concerns – you may always email your feedback to, or to me specifically at As a reminder, any messages sent to a government email are part of the public record and will have your name attached; if you feel the need to write in anonymously, you may always comment at the bottom of my blog post recaps.

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