First Friday: July 2019

First Friday: July 20193 min read

Hello, neighbors! I hope you had a blast at last week’s July 4th celebration. I had a fabulous day running the Superior Mile (albeit with some mishaps!), riding in a neighbor’s convertible for the parade, and enjoying great food and music at the pancake breakfast. What a wonderful day to be a Superior resident! Kudos to Town Staff and the Chamber of Commerce for their amazing job with this fabulous event.


This month, Trustee Sandie Hammerly and I co-hosted July’s First Friday at Sticks Coffee in downtown Superior; we were joined by Trustees Kevin Ryan and Ken Lish. As First Fridays are casual in nature, and we often break into simultaneous discussions of different topics on the two sides of the table, it’s tough for me to fully recap the discussion. However, I hope it is still useful for me to give a short rundown of the topics I heard, which can help provide a pulse of the town.

Topics discussed at July’s First Friday include:

  • Downtown Superior: We had some new residents of downtown Superior join us (welcome!), who asked about the latest plans and updates for downtown. Unfortunately, since an application has been submitted by the developer, the Board members cannot comment on this. However, I’d like to point residents to our new development projects page on the town website, where you can see the status of and links to details on all pending applications.
  • Coal Creek Crossing landscaping: Two representatives from the Coal Creek Crossing HOA attended with questions and concerns about the process for developer Remington Homes to turn the property over to the HOA for maintenance. I spoke with Town Manager Matt Magley after First Friday, and he is meeting with the CCC HOA next Friday to discuss further.
  • Former Land Rover facility: At our last Board meeting (recap coming soon!), we discussed how we plan to engage the community for ideas on what to do with the property at 1500 Coalton Road, which we are currently under contract to purchase. At First Friday, we brought a floorplan of the facility, some photos of the inside, and some potential ideas that Town Staff put together for use – and asked for community feedback. Stay tuned for a survey I am putting together to hear more of your thoughts and ideas!


  • Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport: I spoke with two residents who are pilots to try to understand whether the pilot community would consider limiting their flight hours to avoid flying from 10pm to 7am. One pointed out that pilots need night flying experience, so this type of restriction might be tough; another brought out a book of Federal Airline Regulations and pointed out that there is a restriction limiting pilots from flying more than one hour after sunset or one hour before sunrise, unless that pilot has made three takeoffs and landings within 90 days. This might be applicable to the flight schools that are performing so many touch and gos.
  • Water treatment facility: Barbed wire is around the top of the water treatment facility, and a resident expressed concerns that wildlife could be injured by it. However, I learned from Town Manager Matt Magley that this is a federal requirement to protect our municipal water supply.
  • Coal Creek Drive: We spoke for a while about connectivity between Rock Creek and Downtown Superior. There was some confusion over the width of Coal Creek Drive (according to final plat filing 12A, it remains 35′ wide all the way through Lanterns, and does not narrow). This fall, the Board expects to make the determination as to whether Coal Creek Drive will continue to Downtown Superior, as planned and noted in the Town’s Transportation Master Plan and Comprehensive Plan, or whether it will instead be redesigned to terminate at Lanterns.

Hope to see you at next month’s First Friday! If you have thoughts on these or other topics, I would encourage you to attend our next Meeting on Monday July 22nd at Town Hall and speak up in public comment, or email the full Board at

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